Combating homelessness requires an understanding of the problem; there are different reasons people become homeless, and we need to treat those root causes

  • Veteran Homelessness
    • According to the ACS 5-Year Estimates, there are 2,282 veterans residing in Harrisburg, of which, 1,940 are male, and 342 are female.  In general veterans have comparable or more education than the non-veteran population in Harrisburg.  Over 24% of all veterans have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to only 17% of the non-veteran population.  The largest population of veterans is between 35- 54 years old.
    • Develop formal partnerships with non-profit organizations to create tiny house villages for specific populations (supporting veterans for example)
  • Understanding the Issue
    • The 2018 Point in Time (PIT) survey for the City and the County tracked all participants through the use of anonymous  identifiers  enabling  an  unduplicated  count  of  homeless  census  participants  at  multiple locations.  The survey identified 445 people, of which 410 were sheltered and 35 were unsheltered.  Of the 410 sheltered individuals, 120 were children (30% of the total homeless population).  The survey showed  26  homeless  youth  ages  18-24,  one  unsheltered,  predominantly  female,  and  50%  of  this population were youth parenting their own children.”