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February 25, 2021


HARRISBURG, PA — Jennie Jenkins-Dallas, a successful entrepreneur, wife, mother, grandmother, and former Harrisburg police officer, is running for Harrisburg City Council in the May 18 Democratic Primary Election.

“Much like the city of Harrisburg, my family includes whites, blacks, and Latinos,” Jenkins-Dallas said. “As a member of City Council, I will promote unity and respect everyone regardless of race, neighborhood, or economic status.”

Jennie’s vision for Harrisburg includes moving forward with like-minded candidates who are willing to put aside political agendas and work for the people while serving as an essential check to the power of the Mayor.

“Regardless of who is Mayor, the City Council is a co-equal branch of government, and we need to work together,” Dallas-Jenkins said. “Because I take the role of City Council as a check to the Executive branch, I have decided to stay neutral in the mayoral race. My loyalty is solely to the citizens of Harrisburg and no one else.”

She is also pledging to donate her first year salary as a Councilwoman to affordable housing initiatives in the city. Describing herself as a problem-solver, Jennie Jenkins-Dallas has identified four critical areas of improvement to make city government work better:

  • Communication: City Council needs an open and working relationship with the Planning Commission and all departments. We can’t afford to work in silos. A house divided will fall.
  • Cooperation: City Council must work with ANY Mayor in office. Division in such a small city is detrimental to what is best for the People. I will not play politics with your life. If an idea makes sense and benefits the city, I will vote yes. If not, I will vote no. It’s that simple.
  • Creativity: We need to think outside the box to generate revenue for the city. As a marketer and successful entrepreneur, I have the necessary skills and drive to promote Harrisburg and build our economy.
  • Fairness, Equality, and Prosperity: Harrisburg is a community of communities, and we must ensure that the city government is addressing the needs of everyone, not just the privileged few. We must confront real problems like affordable housing, food scarcity, promoting small businesses (especially minority-owned companies), infrastructure, and public safety.

A Harrisburg city resident since 2006, Jenkins-Dallas moved here to follow her dream to work as a police officer. As the Community Policing Officer, she worked to clean up our neighborhoods, get our youth off the street, and create positive relationships. Jennie acknowledges that some may view her removal from the position in 2016 as politically damaging, but she is eager to set the record straight.

“One of the main reasons I’m running is because I know how hard it can be to take on a corrupt system and win,” Jenkins-Dallas said. “Despite the relentless attacks I faced from the establishment, I was not only vindicated but won a sizable settlement from the city because of their conduct. Ultimately, I wrote the city a check for $350, and the city wrote me a check for $140,000; what does that tell you about who was right and who was wrong?”

But Jenkins-Dallas stresses her run for City Council is solely about the future, not the past. “I have no ill-will towards anyone,” Jenkins-Dallas said. “My only agenda is building positive relationships to benefit the people of Harrisburg, and I’m ready to work with anyone who shares that goal.”

Jennie Jenkins-Dallas is currently the publisher of La Voz Latina Central, the largest bilingual publication in the Midstate, and Black Wall Street PA. She also serves as vice-president of Estamos Unidos de Pennsylvania, a non-profit that provides scholarships to students, as well as 2nd vice-president of the Latino Hispanic Professional Associations.

While her vision for Harrisburg is aspirational, Jennie plans on addressing the everyday problems facing city residents. “Last summer, I was out walking and fell into a massive pothole,” she recalled. “It’s the failure to take care of the little things that cause people to lose faith in government’s ability to get things done. If I’m elected, we’re going to get things done.”

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